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Teaching and inspiring others is a precious value and a noble goal.  We seek to link this value to our products, and this is what we have adopted a slogan and a goal we strive to achieve in the long term. Through the development and continuous improvement. We work to create an effective partnership with the educational and training facilities.





Our products designed to serve the education and training sector, through the provision of different kinds of  writing boards, advertising boards and other teaching aids for educational and training establishments (universities, schools, training centers). Building a bridge of communication and long-term partnership with them, in order to link the concept of teaching and inspiring with Nero.8 Board products. 






At NERO.8 BOARD, we believe in the importance of direct and continuous communication with the institutions of educational and training sectors.Insure the perfection of client's service and meet their needs. By providing high quality products based on EN Standards with competitive prices.




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